Water Rabbit Token ($WAR), the latest addition to the world of cryptocurrencies. Created by Shanvere DAO, this deflationary memecoin is much more than just a joke currency. We’ve partnered with several leading institutions to establish $WAR as a legitimate medium of exchange and store of value. Our goal is to eventually see $WAR become a widely used unit of account.




Phase One
  • Water Rabbit launch
  • 500 holders
  • 2000 wallet transactions
  • Website development
  • Roadmap creation
  • White paper creation
  • Telegram group creation
  • Play-to-earn campaign
Phase Two
  • Listing on various price tracking platforms
  • 1st Airdrop campaign
  • 1000 wallet holders
  • 1000 telegram holders
  • Telegram OTC market place creation
  • Twitter account creation
  • Website launch
Phase Three
  • 2000 Telegram members
  • 1000 Twitter followers
  • 2000 transactions
  • 2000 wallet holders
  • Meme contest
  • White paper release
  • Contract audit
Phase Four
  • Coinmarketcap & Coingecko listing
  • 1st Charitable outreach
  • 5000 Telegram members
  • Large influencer marketing
  • 5000 Twitter followers
  • 10000 wallet holders
  • 10000 transactions
  • First CEX listing


Solidity Audit

Solidity Finance was founded in 2020 and quickly grew to have one of the most experienced and well-equipped smart contract auditing teams in the industry. Our team has conducted 1500+ solidity smart contract audits covering all major project types and protocols, securing a total of over $50 billion U.S. dollars in on-chain value!


How to buy?
You can buy, it by swapping on pancakeswap
Where to buy?
It's currently available on pancakeswap
What is Water Rabbit about?
The year 2023 is the Chinese Lunar Year of the Water Rabbit. Water Rabbit is a highly deflationary meme token with features of the Zodiac Jade Rabbit coded within its tokenomics

Contract Address

0x57bfe2af99aeb7a3de3bc0c42c22353742bfd20d Copied!